Health Research is vital to New Brunswick

We enable the best health research that supports New Brunswick solutions to New Brunswick health challenges. We uphold a rigorous peer review process and collaborate with partners to maximize the impact of this work.

“We know health research makes a difference in the lives of New Brunswickers. . . Health research attracts researchers and other top health-care talent to our province. It helps train the next generation to ensure a continuing source of knowledgeable, competent researchers. It facilitates closer collaborations between policy and decision-makers, health-care professionals, researchers, and the community. Health research plays a major role in our provincial health plan.”

 – Hon. Bruce Fitch, Minister of Health, GNB; November 17, 2022

Funding Programs and Opportunities

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2023 Health Research and Innovation Changemaker Award


Key Ecosystem Players

We work collaboratively with national agencies, health charities and foundations to support awards and operating grants for health researchers. Such collaborative efforts leverage funding dollars to help build capacity in health research in New Brunswick.

We develop and provide research funding that allow us to invest in health research that is relevant to improving the health of New Brunswick people. Building capacity and competitiveness means we are able to respond to local health challenges by attracting and retaining those with the knowledge and expertise to find local solutions that work for the people of New Brunswick.

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