2021-22 Award Recipients

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NBHRF Masters Studentship

 Robert CormierUniversité de Moncton$17,000$17,000
NBHRF Masters Studentship Annika BeatteayUniversity of New Brunswick$17,000$17,000
NBHRF Masters Studentship Emma ConnellUniversity of New Brunswick$17,000$17,000
NBHRF Masters Studentship Matthew MaybeUniversity of New Brunswick$34,000$34,000
NBHRF Masters Studentship Christina YoussefMount Allison University$17,000$17,000
NBHRF Masters Studentship Olivier LiretteUniversité de Moncton$34,000$34,000
NBHRF Masters Studentship Kendra HebertUniversity of New Brunswick$17,000$17,000
NBHRF Masters Studentship Alexis MatthewUniversité de Moncton$24,000$24,000
NBHRF Doctoral Studentship Siobhan FitzpatrickUniversity of New Brunswick$5,115$5,115
NBHRF Doctoral StudentshipCIH Kathleen CassidyUniversity of New Brunswick$28,500$28,500
NBHRF Doctoral Studentship Vanessa VeilleuxUniversité de Moncton$73,500$73,500
NBHRF Doctoral Studentship Margaret HollandUniversity of New Brunswick$24,500$24,500
NBHRF Post-doctoral Fellowship S. PakkiriswamiUniversity of New Brunswick$80,000$80,000
NBHRF & CIHR-SPOR-MSSU StudentshipCanadian Institutes of Health ResearchJ. McCainUniversity of New Brunswick$17,500$17,500
NBHRF & CIHR-SPOR-MSSU StudentshipCanadian Institutes of Health ResearchI. ForoughiDalhousie Medicine New Brunswick$100,000$100,000
NBHRF & CIHR-SPOR-MSSU StudentshipCanadian Institutes of Health ResearchD. SaucierUniversité de Moncton$73,500$73,500
NBHRF-Chesley Fund OperatingChesley FundA. HassanDalhousie Medicine New Brunswick$40,000$20,000
NBHRF-Chesley Fund OperatingChesley FundT. DolkarDalhousie Medicine New Brunswick$21,582$10,791
NBHRF-Chesley Fund OperatingChesley FundT. PulinilkunnilDalhousie Medicine New Brunswick$9,208$4,604
NBHRF-Chesley Fund OperatingChesley FundD. WebsterDalhousie Medicine New Brunswick$9,208$4,604
CFN-NBHRF Summer StudentshipCanadian Frailty NetworkMike CarrollUniversity of New Brunswick$6,592$4,500
CFN-NBHRF Summer StudentshipCanadian Frailty NetworkPatrick ButlerUniversity of New Brunswick$6,592$4,500
NBHRF Research-Related Support Fund Barry BlightUniversity of New Brunswick$50,000$50,000
NBHRF Research-Related Support Fund Jason HickeyUniversity of New Brunswick$25,000$25,000
NBHRF-HSFNB AwardsHeart & Stroke Foundation of New BrunswickThomas PulinilkunnilDalhousie Medicine New Brunswick$40,000$20,000
NBHRF-HSFNB AwardsHeart & Stroke Foundation of New BrunswickGrant HandriganUniversité de Moncton$40,000$20,000
AGEWELL NCE/ NBHRF Graduate Student and Postdoctoral AGEWELLLyne OuelletUniversity of New Brunswick$25,000$12,500
CIHR Implementation Science Teams: Supporting Pandemic Preparedness in Long-Term CareCanadian Institutes of Health ResearchRose McCloskeyUniversity of New Brunswick$37,000$18,500