CCV & ResearchNet

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Access to Canadian Common CV

The Canadian Common CV (CCV) is an online tool where researchers can assemble their CV information in one place.  The researchers can enter and edit their information and then submit to various federal, provincial and not-for profit research funding member agencies. When applying for funding, a researcher can submit their readily available information through the member agency's template. For more information and to create or edit your CCV click the link above. 

CCV Centralized Helpdesk (effective January 31, 2019)

Access to ResearchNet

ResearchNet is a website where you can have access to existing research information on programs and services that are offered by participating Canadian research funding agencies. To view current opportunities click on the link above.

ResearchNet is a virtual meeting place for the research community which provides the following benefits:

offers a one stop shop for the research community;

consolidates administrative functions for granting agencies and institutions;

simplifies processes for application and peer review; and

allows granting agencies to innovate and try new ways of conducting business.

ResearchNet is a tool available on the Internet which allows the research community to electronically submit grant registrations and applications, to obtain funding-related information, and to actively share, collaborate on, and complete administrative tasks. The applicant is able to submit their information electronically and it is acknowledged electronically. This allows granting agencies to receive and begin processing the data and documents which comprise the application almost immediately.

It also serves as a tool for the processing and submission of peer reviews. ResearchNet is used throughout the peer review process to enable the input of electronic peer reviews, access to submitted reviews, posting of decision results, and subsequent access to these results. Applicants access their Notices of Decision, Review and Scientific Officer notes on-line via a single site. Peer review committees have on-line access to application information.

ResearchNet is structured as a secure internet portal which provides a virtual meeting place for the research community, and it utilizes existing form utilities such as the Common CV system. The portal has been designed to ensure data integrity, security and privacy while providing faster access to information. 

Canadian Research Information System (CRIS)

To search for grants and awards funded by the agencies participating in CRIS click the link above.