Indigenous Research Chairs in Nursing -CIHR

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Indigenous Research Chairs in Nursing – Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)
Application deadline: June 05 2019

The Indigenous Research Chair in Nursing initiative will support nurses of Indigenous ancestry to conduct research in Indigenous Health Nursing, thus furthering the development of knowledge and best and wise practices in the area of nursing practice, education, research and administration. The Chairs will undertake research to understand social, economic and cultural determinants of health and Indigenous holistic health practices to improve the health of Indigenous Peoples.

The initiative will support research that translates this knowledge to improve the health of Indigenous Peoples (i.e., First Nations, Inuit and Métis) and any health systems, services and products affecting them. It aims to define and promote the development, the practice and the attributes of professionalism of Indigenous health nursing, fostering health systems that are characterized by culturally safe care without racism and gender-responsive approaches.

The Chairs will have strong support from other researchers in Indigenous health research, such as researchers affiliated with the CIHR Network Environments for Indigenous Health Research (NEIHR) centres. The initiative will include a training and capacity development component and provide a training experience and environment for trainees aligned with the individual Chairs.

Application forms and details can be found on the CIHR website at  

Funds Available

The total amount available for this funding opportunity is $5,910,000 enough to fund up to six (6) awards. The maximum amount per award is $197,000 per year for up to five (5) years for a total of $ 985,000 per award.
Of this $ 5,910,000:
  • $985,000 is available to fund one (1) award in the province of Quebec;
  • $985,000 is available to fund one (1) award in the province of New Brunswick;
  • $985,000 is available to fund one (1) award in the province of Manitoba;
  • $985,000 is available to fund one (1) award in the province of Saskatchewan;
  • $985,000 is available to fund one (1) award in the province of British Columbia;
  • $985,000 is available to fund one (1) award in the province of Nova Scotia.

Final Report

Grant recipients are required to submit a Final Report within 90 days of the end of the grant duration by completing the NBHRF final report form found by logging into their NBHRF account. The signed financial statement from the institution and a summary report must be attached in the “Final Report Attachments” section.  

All fields of the report form must be completed accurately. If information is missing or incorrect, the report will be rejected and recipients will be instructed to redo it.

A copy of the final report for CIHR must also be included as an attachment with the final report submission.

The grant recipient will receive an automated email confirming submission of the report. The grant recipient will also receive an email from the NBHRF Program Director indicating whether or not the final report is complete and accepted. If it is not complete, appropriate actions will be arranged.  

Recipients who do not submit a final report or any other required documentation will be ineligible for future NBHRF research funding.

For additional information or questions please contact:

New Brunswick Health Research Foundation