Memberships & Alliances

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NAPHRO - National Alliance of Provincial Health Research Organizations

In an effort to promote dialogue, work collaboratively on common issues and increase their strategic alignment; the provincial health research funding agencies formed the National Alliance of Provincial Health Research Organizations (NAPHRO) in the fall of 2002. NAPHRO members meet regularly by teleconference or face to face meetings, to share information and discuss potential funding opportunities, problems and barriers regarding health research funding. 

Interim Executive Director: Christina Weise, 

Co-Chairs: Tim Murphy, Vice President, Health of Alberta Innovates ( ) and Patrick Odnokon, CEO, Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation  ( )

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To view NAPHRO's Vision, Mandate, Strategic Directions and to request to present at the Executives biannual meeting, visit

You can contact NAPHRO at: or you can contact individual agencies through the members' page above and go to their website. 

Canadian Common CV (CCV) - Canada

The CCV is the standard format used by the Tri-Council for Curriculum Vitae’s (CV’s) required on all funding applications.   NBHRF also utilizes this standard.   NBHRF and CIHR have an agreement that provides NBHRF with the ability to use the CCV system and have access to CCV Data where consented.

Digital Science & Research Solutions - International

This membership provides NBHRF with access to ‘Dimensions for Funders’, a web-based information solution designed to support research funding organizations and which includes a shared grants database of many funders currently representing hundred of billions of dollars in grants and awards and over three million researcher expertise profiles.   NBHRF submits funding data to the platform on a regular basis and as such has access to data provided by all other members which can be displayed in aggregate for selections other funding organizations.  The platform also provides access to peer reviewers for all areas of research.   

Community of Practice in Peer Review - Canada

This is an alliance with all other provincial health research funders in Canada as well as the majority of national charities.   It provides a platform for discussions on peer review practices, issues and solutions as well as evaluating the impact of research, recognition practices for reviewers and volunteers, donor-driven research/venture philanthropy and building broader peer review panels.   

Collaborative Care Seniors Health – New Brunswick

The Collaborative Care - Seniors Health Alliance is a novel approach that aspires to a more proactive, client-focused and integrated effort between diverse stakeholders that are not formally enjoined.  The goal is to ensure the delivery of high-quality care to current and prospective patients, clients and families from the point of providing basic information in advance of care needs to active care in facilities, in the community or in private residence.  This group is inclusive of all stakeholders in the system including government, health authorities, research entities, clinicians, charities, health service organizations, researchers and academic institutions.  Activities of the Alliance include:

  • Recommending policy changes
  • Monitoring/evaluating success indicators
  • Assisting in identifying and securing new resources
  • Acting as key liaisons between Collaborative Care Seniors Health and everything outside of our direct control
  • Providing leadership across sectors
  • Removing obstacles
  • Developing strategic priorities
  • Approving best practice guidelines
  • Communicating with partners
  • Ensuring standards/quality
  • Informing around issues within the senior space
  • Ensuring programs are current and relevant to population
  • Identifying current and future trends
  • Influencing and Advocating for system wide change 

CIHR Strategic Partnership Table

NAPHRO members and CIHR are partners in the Canadian Health Research Funding landscape and meet regularly to review and establish strategic initiatives and approaches.