Award Recipients Bridge Grant

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Funding Program Researcher Institution Awarded NBHRF Contribution Year
Bridge Grant Daniel Dutton Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick $34140 $34140 2021-2022
Bridge Grant Petra Taylor University of New Brunswick $34641 $34641 2021-2022
Bridge Grant Rodney Ouellette Atlantic Cancer Research Institute $25000 $25000 2020-2021
Bridge Grant Luc Martin Université de Moncton $35000 $35000 2020-2021
Bridge Grant Étienne Hébert-Chatelain Université de Moncton $65000 $35000 2020-2021

We develop and provide research funding that allow us to invest in health research that is relevant to improving the health of New Brunswick people. Building capacity and competitiveness means we are able to respond to local health challenges by attracting and retaining those with the knowledge and expertise to find local solutions that work for the people of New Brunswick.

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