Researchers of the Month 2020

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2020 Research Team of the Year

TEAM: Canada East Spine Centre - February 2020 

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Photo submitted by: Dana El-Mughayyar (CESC)

Upper left hand corner: Dr. Edward Abraham-Orthopaedic Surgeon,
Top row centre: Dana El-Mughayyar-Research Coordinator CESC, Eden Richardson-Research Manager CESC, Erin Bigney-Director of Research CESC, Amanda Vandewint-Research Coordinator CESC
Top right corner: Dr. Neil Manson-Orthopaedic Surgeon
Lower left: Stephen Mundle-Physiotherapist, The New Brunswick Heart Centre
Bottom row center: Mariah Darling-previous Research Coordinator CESC
Lower right: Dr. Robert Stevenson- Cardiologist, The New Brunswick Heart Centre